Wraparound is an innovative philosophy and planning process used to better serve families and to promote system change throughout the country. Medra Consulting is a member of the National Wraparound Initiative and specializes in Wraparound approaches to mental health, health and social services.

  • Training
  • Coaching and Supervision
  • Program Implementation
  • On-going Staff Support
  • Administrative Consultation
  • Policies and Procedures

WRAPAROUND TRAINING: Wraparound classes and work groups are offered based upon the specific needs of the class participants. The following Wraparound classes are among the most popular:

  • Wraparound I (Basics), Wraparound II (Skills Building)
  • Wraparound in Action Series:
  • Home-Based Services & Beyond
  • Family Planning at its Best
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Facilitating Facilitators Advanced Skill-Building Through the Phases

This series was designed to assist Wraparound Facilitators, family/youth partners and team members in the real, day-to-day skills and challenges encountered in Wraparound practice. “Home-Based Services & Beyond” includes discussion of boundary and role challenges as well as conflict resolution. “Family Planning at its Best” focuses on the planning process itself, keeping the process moving, and revising plans as needed. “Conflict Resolution” is a full-day class that includes the characteristics of healthy teams and keys for dealing with team dynamics, while “Facilitating Facilitators” is a two-day series that incorporates enhancement of all facilitator skills – planning, roles, healthy teams, team dynamics, and conflict resolution.