Training & Workshops

Medra Consulting provides training, group facilitation, consultation, and technical assistance.  Additional workshops, groups and in-services can be provided based upon an organization’s/community’s individualized needs or program requirements.

Sample Class, Workshop, Group and Technical Assistance List

The following list represents a sample of areas where Medra Consulting provides training, group facilitation, consultation, and technical assistance.

Trauma-Informed Services

Recovery Focused Services

Partnership in Action Series:

(1) Family-Professional Partnerships, (2)  Teaming with Teens, (3) Partnering in Communities {Interagency   collaboration and/or community organizing}

Engaging Families in Strength-Based Practices

Got Relationship?  Relationship and Gender Stuff (for youth)

Work Readiness (for adults and youth)

Strength-Based Needs Assessment:  Needs-Driven Practice

Team Building:  Putting the Pieces Together

Team Building II:  Advanced Concepts for the Team-Based Organization

Facilitating Teams:  Facilitation Skills for Successful Teams

Effective Communications:  Skill Building for Success

Family-Centered Practices {Family-Driven Care}

Appreciating Cultural Diversity:  Intercultural Communications

Conflict Management & Resolution

Partnership in Action:  Home-Based Services & Beyond (for Parent Partners)

Coaching:  Strategies for Better Outcomes

The Proverbial Power Struggle:  Avoiding & Negotiating Power Struggles

Home-Based Services:  Building Better Foundations

Managing Anger:  Yours, Mine and Ours

Training for Trainers

Co-Training with Family Partners

Managing Stress:  Burning Through Burn Out

Beyond Convention:  Transforming Traditional Approaches

ABCs of Discipline:  Exploring What Works

“There’s No Such Thing as a Bad Kid” – Dynamics & Interventions for “Difficult Kids”

Defusing Anger (Includes Effective Communications)

Teamwork:  Participation & Facilitation

Purpose:  Whether practicing Family Team Decision Making, Family to Family, Wraparound or other group processes, new social work and mental health practices emphasize empowering families through the best practices of quality teamwork.  However, many of us are thrown into teams without a genuine understanding of group process, what it means to be a good team member, or how to facilitate successful team practice.  The purpose of this class is to offer the foundations for effective team participation and facilitation and provide specific “how-to’s” for participants to practice to keep their team participation and facilitation at its best.  Better interagency teaming is included as appropriate.

Surviving Systems:  Family, Professional & Community Partnerships

Wraparound I (Basics), Wraparound II (Skills Building)

Wraparound in Action Series:

  • Home-Based Services & Beyond
  • Family Planning at its Best
  • Conflict Management & Resolution
  • Facilitating Facilitators & Other Team Members
  • Team Building
  • Advanced Skill Building I, II and III
  • Successful Cultural Communications
  • Strength-Based Clinical Practices
  • Coaching and Supervising for Success

This series was designed to assist Wraparound Facilitators, team members and supervisors in the real, day-to-day skills and challenges encountered in Wraparound practice.  “Home-Based Services & Beyond” includes discussion of boundary and role challenges as well as conflict resolution.  “Family Planning at its Best” focuses on the planning process itself, keeping the process moving, and revising plans as needed.  “Conflict Resolution” is a full-day class that includes the characteristics of healthy teams and keys for dealing with team dynamics, while “Facilitating Facilitators” is a two-day series that incorporates enhancement of all facilitator, and team member skills – planning, roles, healthy teams, team dynamics, and conflict management.

 Strength-Building Management:  Strength-Based Supervision for Better Outcomes.

Family & Youth Partner Training Series – designed to assist family & youth support partners in understanding their roles, working on teams, working with professionals from many disciplines and provides coaching interventions to assist in engaging families in family planning.  After years of working in the “family movement,” this class includes the challenges often encountered by family support partners and the lessons learned as a result of those challenges.