Relationship/Team Building

Building Relationships/Collaboration

A key component in today’s world, whether in the public or private sector, is collaboration.  Building and sustaining healthy relationships is key to effective teamwork and collaborative efforts.  Medra Consulting specializes in relationship building through the facilitation of team building, teaching effective communications, facilitating and teaching conflict management and assisting in team facilitation.  These areas include offering workshops to enhance skill develop, facilitating group processes to model and manage healthy relationships, and offering technical assistance for those who wish to offer these skills to others.  Examples include:

  • Organizational Assessment and Follow-Up for Effective Teamwork
  • Teaching effective communication skills to youth, adults and/or staff/supervisors
  • Facilitating youth groups which help build skills in relationship development and healthy communications (including issues of emotional literacy and gender)
  • Offering technical assistance and/or workshops to staff working with youth and   families to assist in engaging and developing better relationships with clientele
  • Offering workshops to assist professionals to enhance skills in effective teamwork
  • Providing team-building workshops for youth, adults and/or professionals at all levels
  • Providing individualized coaching assistance for skill development in difficult relationships
  • Facilitating sessions of conflict management/resolution