Family/Youth Partnership

“Family-driven” has become an often used term in all areas of human services. In essence, it is a value that is easy to voice and sometimes difficult to truly practice. Truly family-driven systems, organizations and programs give precedence to family and youth voices in making decisions, whether those decisions are concerning administrative policy or front-line intervention.

  • Professional-Family/Youth  and Family/Youth Support Partner Collaboration
  • Family/Youth Support Partner Training
  • Family/Youth Leadership Skills Development
  • Professional and Family/Youth Team Building
  • Conflict Management Resolution
  • Focus Groups Facilitation

Medra Consulting offers several levels of technical assistance and training in the areas of Family/Youth-Professional and Family/Youth-Professional-Community Partnerships. First, at the professional level, our team offers training and support to agencies, organizations and systems that wish to improve their relationships with the families and communities they serve. Technical assistance in the areas of program design, strategic planning, planning implementation, and team building can assist groups in incorporating family-driven values as an agency value, permeating organizational practice. The Medra Consulting team in this arena includes family/youth consultants, experts in the family/youth perspective.

Secondly, in partnership with our family/youth partners, technical assistance is offered directly to families and communities to assist them in developing leadership skills, understanding systems, researching resources, and enhancing involvement in meaningful issues. Family/youth partners are available to provide family voice in all tasks. In addition, as more family organizations spring into action across the United States, Medra Consulting brings its unique expertise to assisting in organizational development, understanding human resource and staffing issues, and enhancing collaborative team development.