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Sharon Morrison, Ph.D.

Sharon L. Morrison, Ph.D. (Sharon Morrison-Velasco) is a consultant and licensed psychologist in San Diego, California.  In addition, she holds certification in Evaluation and Organizational Development from The Fielding Institute and has additional education in Coaching (San Diego State University) and Motivational Interviewing.  With over twenty  years of experience in various components of the mental health,  social service, and non-profit organization systems, Dr. Morrison has authored several articles on mental health system reform using Wraparound principles and has served on the Boards of three non-profit social service organizations.  She has worked extensively with “system” adolescents and their families as a family therapist in, and director of, residential treatment, in private practice, and through in-home family services using the Wraparound model.  She assisted in the design and implementation of the first home-based Wraparound program in San Diego in 1996, at which time she became active in working with parent partners in the family/youth movement.  In addition, she has served as director of two outpatient mental health facilities, one specializing in the adult Latino population.

Through Velasco Consulting, Sharon offered training, consultation, facilitation and technical assistance to public service and non-profit agencies for more than ten years.  Dr. Morrison continues to actively participate in advocacy on behalf of all social service system participants and staff, emphasizing family/youth-professional-community partnerships, teaming, interagency collaboration, and strength-based, needs-driven practices.